Patch Publishing Logging Level

Following up on yesterday’s post, you can patch your logging to increase the level of logging in Sitecore:

<logger name="Sitecore.Diagnostics.Publishing">
<x:attribute name="value">DEBUG</x:attribute>

Could be useful in diagnosing publishing problems.

Patch Publishing Logging Level

Publish to ‘web’|#Exception: System.Reflection.TargetInvocationException

Issue: after updating a UAT server I was getting the following error in the “item:deleted” event after trying to publish anything… Continue reading “Publish to ‘web’|#Exception: System.Reflection.TargetInvocationException”

Publish to ‘web’|#Exception: System.Reflection.TargetInvocationException

Show Site, List or Item information on Pages

I’ve seen a few questions on Twitter over the last few weeks about how to show properties from Sites or Publishing pages within pages. Actually, this is very easy.

Obviously, if you’re working with Publishing Pages, you’ve got all your publishing controls, which you can see in SharePoint Designer…


But what about site information, such as the Site Title? Or other Page Information, such as the Last Modified time? Well, I want to introduce 4 other controls – ProjectProperty, ListProperty, ListItemProperty and FieldValue Continue reading “Show Site, List or Item information on Pages”

Show Site, List or Item information on Pages

Programmatically create pages – and Add Web Parts

I had an interesting problem recently with a Site Definition. I was trying to create a publishing page, which would not create as the correct content type. I still haven’t got to the bottom of why.

However, time was limited, and we were going to have to create a feature receiver to staple to our site definition anyway, so I had a look at creating a publishing page programmatically.

We needed a feature receiver as the customer wanted the home page of their site to have a ‘Search Box’ which would ‘Search this site’, but go to a custom results page in a Search Center. My plan was to use a Search Box Web part, configured to go to a custom results page, and to append the query term:

site: [url to site]

e.g. site:http://sharepoint/finance/

Naturally, you don’t know the URL of the site until the site has been created – so this web part would have to be created programmatically. Continue reading “Programmatically create pages – and Add Web Parts”

Programmatically create pages – and Add Web Parts