Programmatically caching things in Sitecore

I’ve seen a number of Sitecore projects now that use the ASP.NET cache, and this bothers me slightly. Shouldn’t Sitecore – which does have it’s own caching – offer a way of caching itself? Perhaps with integration to things like ‘clear cache on publish’, etc.?

Well, it does, and Anders Laub describes it neatly in “How to create a custom cache in Sitecore“. 

The TL;DR version is:

  • Create a subclass of CustomCache
  • Implement a Constructor that calls the Base constructor with a name and maximum size.
  • Create a cache object that implements ICacheable
  • Wrap access to the cache in a Static class with Get() and Set() methods

It’s a good post that one, well worth reading.

Programmatically caching things in Sitecore

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