Improve Experience Editor Performance

We have a customer with Sitecore where Experience Editor is quite slow to open. They also spotted in their logs some warnings:

AccessResultCache cache is cleared by Sitecore.Caching.Generics.Cache … Cache running size was 9 MB.

Okay… whut?

Well, AccessResultCache is a cache of which users have which rights to which items in workflows. Sitecore recommend increasing the size of the cache if you get this error ( Our customer is using a LOT of workflows on their items.

I wondered though, would this improve the speed of opening experience editor.

I tried repeatedly opening a page in Experience editor. I did this 5 times, and timed each with a stopwatch. I then increased cache size to 100MB, and repeated the test.

  • 9Mb Cache:  Average 25.4 seconds
  • 100Mb Cache: Average 23 seconds

So, a saving of maybe 2.4 seconds? That’s alright, but still quite modest.

Then, by chance, I saw a blog post today from BrianPederson “Improve Sitecore Experience Editor Performance by Disabling Number of Locked Items Counter“. It turns out there is a setting to turn off the whole damn counter:

<setting name="WebEdit.ShowNumberOfLockedItemsOnButton" value="false"/>

Awesome. Same test gives:

  • No Counter: 5.2 seconds.

That’s over 20 seconds per experience editor opening saved by turning off this stupid counter in the ribbon. It’s clearly not efficient when there are a LOT of items under workflow.

I think these users can live without this count.




Improve Experience Editor Performance

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