Improve Experience Editor Performance

We have a customer with Sitecore where Experience Editor is quite slow to open. They also spotted in their logs some warnings:

AccessResultCache cache is cleared by Sitecore.Caching.Generics.Cache …┬áCache running size was 9 MB.

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Improve Experience Editor Performance

Exposing Page Metadata in Experience Editor

Experience Editor is, ultimately, the way that editors should interact with content in pages. I mean, as a developer, I quite like Content Editor for seeing my Sitecore content…

… but editors would typically prefer something a bit more visual, something a bit more WYSIWYG. That’s a large part of the value that Sitecore give – inline editing. It’s the point of a lot of content management systems.

That’s fine, and I’ve always found the Experience Editor fairly impressive in this regard – but what do you do about content that’s not visible in the page?

A good example is page metadata – so, canonical URLs, metadata tags, browser titles (for the browser tab), etc.. You might also have a ‘summary’ or ‘thumbnail’ to use in some form of content aggregation.

Well, in the SharePoint systems I used to work with, we’d use Edit Panels in the page – that is, areas of the page that would only be shown to editors, and that would let them set these bits of text. It worked pretty well, but it was a little… awkward.

How about if we presented a dialog instead?

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Exposing Page Metadata in Experience Editor