Lock down your HTTP Verbs

Something that has come up in some of our testing recently is that some of our websites have HTTP verbs allowed that probably should be blocked – and with IIS they can be.

To recap, we’re use to the idea of GET or POST requests, but there are a lot more…

Standard Methods

  • HEAD
  • GET
  • POST
  • PUT

WebDAV Methods

  • MOVE
  • COPY
  • LOCK

Misc. Others


Basically, the ones in bold I would block, including all the methods used in WebDav. The only reason I can find for allowing methods such as PUT, PATCH or DELETE is if one is implementing a RESTful API.

Otherwise, removing the other verbs reduces your attack surface and seems a sensible idea. Do note that penetration testing can sometimes return warnings about methods such as PUT or DELETE being available.

Lock down your HTTP Verbs

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