ASP Charting Settings for SharePoint

So, we’ve a customer who wanted a cheap and cheerful Polling web part. I’d seen one before on Codeplex by Phil Wicklund, and more recently I’d noticed the SPUserPoll by Edwin Vriethoff web part also on Codeplex. (I might try to review it at some point soon).


Both these web parts look kind of similar. They should do – they use the same control to display the charts – the ASP Chart control in System.Web.UI.DataVisualization.Charting library. Continue reading “ASP Charting Settings for SharePoint”

ASP Charting Settings for SharePoint

Polling Web Part by Phil Wicklund

I’ve just downloaded (from codeplex) and had a look at the Polling Web Part by Phil Wicklund. We’ve a customer who wants exactly this sort of functionality – surveys are too heavy weight; they just want a little radio-button panel. That’s what the Polling Web Part does:


Cool. And it shows it’s results as:


Hmm. So how does it store it’s data? Well, that seems to me a little strange – each poll, options and responses are a single row in a list:


Bit strange if you ask me. Some consequences of this are that:

  • You can’t have more than 5 options
  • You can’t be sure that someone doesn’t respond twice (although it appears that a cookie is set to prevent that from being too easy).
  • Curiously, you can’t tell the web part to point to a particular poll question. It appears to always point to the latest. It’d be nice to have a drop down to select the poll in the Web Part Toolbox menu.

I must confess that I’d have considered having different polls in different lists, and reading the values available out of a Choice column on that list. Each response would be a List Item, so you’d know if someone has already created one. Still, Phil’s approach is probably quicker to process.

Other thoughts – well, it’d be nice to have bar chart rendering too.

All of which is, I must point out, quite picky. It does what it does well, and is free, and the source code is available; I may try and have a look at that at some time.

Polling Web Part by Phil Wicklund