Polling Web Part by Phil Wicklund

I’ve just downloaded (from codeplex) and had a look at the Polling Web Part by Phil Wicklund. We’ve a customer who wants exactly this sort of functionality – surveys are too heavy weight; they just want a little radio-button panel. That’s what the Polling Web Part does:


Cool. And it shows it’s results as:


Hmm. So how does it store it’s data? Well, that seems to me a little strange – each poll, options and responses are a single row in a list:


Bit strange if you ask me. Some consequences of this are that:

  • You can’t have more than 5 options
  • You can’t be sure that someone doesn’t respond twice (although it appears that a cookie is set to prevent that from being too easy).
  • Curiously, you can’t tell the web part to point to a particular poll question. It appears to always point to the latest. It’d be nice to have a drop down to select the poll in the Web Part Toolbox menu.

I must confess that I’d have considered having different polls in different lists, and reading the values available out of a Choice column on that list. Each response would be a List Item, so you’d know if someone has already created one. Still, Phil’s approach is probably quicker to process.

Other thoughts – well, it’d be nice to have bar chart rendering too.

All of which is, I must point out, quite picky. It does what it does well, and is free, and the source code is available; I may try and have a look at that at some time.

Polling Web Part by Phil Wicklund

3 thoughts on “Polling Web Part by Phil Wicklund

  1. Kisha says:


    I would really appreciate if you can post the article for poll webpart and the source code for poll webpart that can work in Sharepoint 2010.

    I have downloaded form the code plex Poll webpart by Phil ,however it is giving me error message : related to chart

  2. Yan says:

    Add the following references to your web.config in their respective locations:

    Hope this will solve your issue……

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