Automatic Thumbnail generation in SharePoint

We’ve got a customer doing a very common thing – and to my surprise, the user experience in SharePoint is pretty frustrating.

The customer has a number of publishing pages, with Images at full size and thumbnail size (for roll-up). So far, so standard. What they’d like, though, is the automatic thumbnailing of images when they’re uploaded to SharePoint. “Easy” I thought. Wrong! Continue reading “Automatic Thumbnail generation in SharePoint”

Automatic Thumbnail generation in SharePoint

Create an Image only Search Scope in Sharepoint

Previously I’d looked at having a search that shows thumbnails of images in SharePoint. I modified the results page to do this – but the results themselves would still show non-Picture items (e.g. documents, pages, etc.). In this post, I’ll configure up a new Search Scope for images only. Continue reading “Create an Image only Search Scope in Sharepoint”

Create an Image only Search Scope in Sharepoint

Showing Thumbnails in Search

One of my colleagues was asking about building a search which would show thumbnails for images, and whether that was possible. I decided to try a 5 minute prototype, so I took a copy of the results.aspx page in my Search Center, and started hacking…

I have a Picture library with some images in it (they’re pinched from Flickr, so sorry for the copyright thing to their respective owners – but they’re lovely looking test data). You might notice that the images in the pictures Library are already thumbnailed:

Picture Library with Sample pictures

Firstly, I took a look at all the xml I was getting back from the search results. (You can add to that.)

Search results XML

Great! So I’m getting the thumbnail for the picture through in the search results, and I can also identify what pictures are by the ContentClass. Nice one!

Normal Results pages XSL

The first thing I noticed on opening up the XSL for the normal results page was that there is a section about showing a thumbnail. Normal search results don’t show a thumbnail though – so what gives?

Well, there are a few conditions before it’ll show the thumbnails – the ContentClass of the result (which is okay), the presence of a thumbnail URL, and the variable $IsThisListScope being true. I’m not sure what the $IsThisListScope variable is for, but I decided to delete it from the condition. As the other parts are met the results should show thumbnails for items which have them (i.e. Pictures).

Redesigned XSL

And if I perform a search for, say, balloons, then I get some results with thumbnails:

Results page showing Thumbnails.

Now, it’s worth noting, this page will still show non-pictures results – just my results didn’t have any. The next step would be to create a scope to only include images.

Showing Thumbnails in Search

Document Conversion Service and Images

It’s worth noting, the document conversion service doesn’t convert embedded images – which is a pain (and why? They’re available as image files inside the .docx file! Come on Microsoft, that’s craaaazy!)

Instead, you have to insert them as linked objects :

Objects such as images that you add to your Word 2007 document will not appear on the converted Web page if they are embedded in the document. To add these objects so that they appear on the converted Web page, first upload these objects to a document library and then insert them as linked objects (from this location) rather than embedded objects in your document.

There are some instructions here, but this is my guide:

First, find your image on your web page. In SharePoint, this might be a Picture Gallery. Copy the image by Right Click > Copy

Go to Word, and Paste > Paste Special…

The Paste Special Menu

Select that you want HTML Format :

And congratulations, you’ve inserted a link to the image on the web server, rather than the image itself:

Document Conversion Service and Images