The Pain of VB6

So, I’ve been forced to spend a couple of weeks modifying some code I wrote a couple of years back, in VB6. One word – crap. That’s the word for both the language, and my code.

Visual Basic 6 is just painful to code with. ‘Dim’? I’d say. The inability to return arrays from a function keeps catching me out. And I detest the way that no matter what I do, I can’t stop Visual Studio beeping errors at me and show message boxes when I try to leave an incomplete line so that I can copy and paste a variable name.

The worst part is, though, that it doesn’t really promote good program structure – well, not to me anyway. I’m often not entirely convinced that Object Oriented Programming actually reuses much code – but it does force it to be structured and organised. My code in this project, well, it isn’t. It’s suffered that sort of ‘evolutionary’ growth rather than proper, designed expansion. And some of it has to excapsulate an API that is archaic, irritating, and dangerous. (I’ve been debugging for memory leaks, dammit. Yes, this API forces me to allocate/deallocate memory).

What a sucky language. It really makes you appreciate Java/C#.

The Pain of VB6