NullReferenceException in Sitecore.ExperienceExplorer.Business.Pipelines .HttpRequest.EnableExperienceModePipeline.Process

Recently I was upgrading a site to Sitecore 8.2.1, and I received the following error:

Okay, WTF? There’s not a lot of information about this error, and I’d never seen it before. I ended up doing my usual trick – decompiling Sitecore to see what this method does. Here’s what I found…

…and the bit underlined in red set my “stupidity radar” screaming. This line is:

stringĀ database = SiteContext.GetSite(Settings.Preview.DefaultSite).SiteInfo.Database;

If GetSite() returns null, you’ll get a null reference exception, because they didn’t bother to check the returned variable before trying to use its ‘SiteInfo’ property.

It does offer a clue, though. Our upgraded system lacks a site called ‘website‘. That is, in our config, under the <sites> node, there is no <site ... > called ‘website‘. However, the DefaultSite setting in Sitecore.config still had its default value of ‘website‘.

We changed it to the name of our site, and this error was resolved.

NullReferenceException in Sitecore.ExperienceExplorer.Business.Pipelines .HttpRequest.EnableExperienceModePipeline.Process

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