More Problems with SharePoint Audit

Right, more problems with Audit, in addition to problems mentioned previously. Although Updates to Documents have version numbers, updates to ListItems do not:

Update is empty of Version info, while Delete is okay

Interestingly, Deletes still have a version number. But there really is no version number recorded for updates…

No Version data on ListItem Update

… even when there is Versioning on the list:

Version History works
Further, although previous versions of Documents have a url which includes the _vti_history folder, previous versions of ListItems do not – instead they just have a VersionNo GET parameter:

ListItem version numbers dealt with differently

In the VersionNo paramater, the Major version is (VersionNo DIV 512) and the Minor version is (VersionNo MOD 512)thanks to Dink for the hint on that part!

More Problems with SharePoint Audit

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