Having many content types on a list

The question came up the other day – what happens if you have a lot of content types attached to a SharePoint list. Say, for example, a hundred? The ‘New’ menu might get a little, um, large. Well, I used the code for programmatically creating a content type from the other day to create and attach lot of content types.

This is what the new menu looks like normally:

Many CTs - Normal Menu

And this is what it looked like after adding 100 content types:

Many CTs - Scrolling Menu

Yup, it changes it’s appearance!

Having many content types on a list

2 thoughts on “Having many content types on a list

  1. Ali says:

    Nice … Were you able to come up with a way to customize this menu item? It would be nice if one could display some sort of a menu within the menu.

  2. Hi,

    Nice try. We can also sort the entry in content type, so that it will be easy at least to find the document type under New Menu.

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