List Items, Documents and Attached files

One of our customers is saving Outlook emails into SharePoint; I’ve written an Outlook plugin to do this. The emails themselves are being saved as .msg files within Document Libraries.

A Document Library containing .MSG files

However, they’d like a nice column with a little Paperclip icon if the Email has attachments. For normal Lists, there is a column like this (provided that the List allows attachments)…

An Example Standard List

This shows two list items, one of which has attachments, one of which doesn’t. Indeed, the one with attachments has multiple attachments (a feature that I often forget!)

An Example List Item

And we can edit these attachments…

Editing an Example List Item

Or add attachments to the List Item which doesn’t have any…

Another Example List Item

Okay, so Lists can can List Items with Zero to Many attachments. I then went and looked at document library though – and couldn’t see an ‘Attachments’ column…

Example Document Library

Trust me, I looked through all the settings and columns available in the views, just in case. The reality is, though, that the reason is pretty obvious – Documents implicitly have one attachment – the document itself! Thus an ‘Attachments’ would just show a series of little paperclip icons – which isn’t dreadfully useful… …and this is why Documents libraries and the like doesn’t show that column.

List Items, Documents and Attached files

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