Nice list of fonts

Nice fonts here. Now if there were some way to push them onto the client…

…actually, why the hell isn’t there? A truetype font is, what, 100-200k? Why aren’t these downloaded to some form of isolated storage, and used for display purposes in the browser. You can even, oh, I don’t know, have a font cache, so you don’t have to download them repeatedly. Perhaps some sort of signing mechanism to avoid version problems.

Comments from my old blog:

Yes – very good list. Myriad is a great font – it manages to strike a balance between being pretty, and practical too. Fonts are one of those areas where I benefit from having a designer for a brother, so was exposed to lots of barracking when I was younger and playing with DTP software… “make the line height 120%”, “make the body text smaller”, “no more than 2 fonts on a page!” and other rules of thumb…

By Jonathan at 18:06:08 Tuesday 5th June 2007

Nice list of fonts

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