Graphics and Developers

Coding Horror has blogged about developers needing to know graphics programs, and I agree entirely. Jeff’s right, we’re not designers, and never will be (I don’t even wear glasses, let alone ‘cool’ ones). Don’t try and learn how to build beautiful websites if you’re a developer – either, you’re gifted and you already can, or there is simply too much learning involved.

But we can build ‘fair’ sites, and rough mock ups. Every site doesn’t have to be a work of art, just as every ceiling doesn’t have to be the Sistine chapel. As developers, we should make an effort to not build websites that look crap.

And if you need to build the Sistine chapel, remember it’s a team effort. You can build the structure – and get a specialist to make the ceiling pretty.

Link to some tutorials Jeff provided (note to self – take a look)

Graphics and Developers

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