No Logins…

What an interesting idea – no login/passwords, just a hard to quess URL. Provided that there’s nothing very valuable there, this seems a simple way of giving adequate security for some things – such as the invites app mentioned. I like it.

Comments from my old blog:

What about Search Engine’s spidering it? Of course you’ll want to include a <META NAME=”ROBOTS” CONTENT=”NOINDEX, NOFOLLOW”>, but even then, I’ve read that certain search engines like IGNORE those tags.


By Brandon@Cstone at 04:12:01 Thursday 29th September 2005

Well, I guess as you say it’ll have to be for urls that aren’t linked to anywhere. The URL itself is sent out by email in the example. That’s my guess anyway.

By Andy at 21:43:46 Saturday 19th November 2005

No Logins…

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