Internet Explorer can't open a new document in Library

Curious problem – I kept getting an error message “Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.” whenever I tried to open a document from our internal MOSS system. Strange.

Eventually figured it out from Geekette’s Blogette, and kbAlertz 833714.

We use Project 2003 still. This means two version of the owssupp.dll, apparently, under c:program filesMicrosoft Officeoffice11 and office12

I followed the advice from the MS Knowledgebase article, but got the same error as all the folks at kbAlertz. In the end I tried just uninstalling MS Project Professional 2003 support – and low, Internet Explorer started letting me open documents from MOSS again. And, much to my surprise, Project 2003 web access works just fine – I guess it doesn’t use that dll.

Internet Explorer can't open a new document in Library

Browser Wars

Hmm. So, IE7 Beta 2 is out. Some of the guys at work have been having a look. So, it has tabs. It has integrated searching. It has RSS feeds. A native XMLHTTPRequest object. Well, damn, doesn’t that sound another browser? Yup, IE7 – proving Firefox got it right.

So, who will win? Well, Microsoft clearly have an advantage as they’ll be shipping IE7 with their next OS – whenever that is. To be honest, though, the thing that interests me most is if this stimulates better standards across browsers. I just had a fight with aligning an image with a line of text – and I had to hack it to fix it – so here’s to hoping.

Personally, though, I’ll stick with Firefox for now.

Browser Wars

Vertical Text in Internet Explorer


Vertical Text

CSS seems to lack an real control over text direction – it should, but of course the reality is different.

What I found was a way of making vertical in IE using some of those pointless filters, and the support IE has for top to bottom, right to left languages. It’s a bit sneaky in doing this – but it works in IE, at least. I haven’t found a way of doing it in Mozilla.
<div style="{ writing-mode:tb-rl;
filter: flipv fliph;
white-space: nowrap;}">

Vertical Text in Internet Explorer

Alpha channel PNGs in IE

Gifs suck. PNGs (Portable Network Graphics) are much better – more colours, freedom from intellectual property rights, and (best of all) an alpha channel for transparency. Some good articles:

PNG opacity (with some nice examples)

Fuzzy Drop shadows (like on Google Maps)

Transparency with HTC files

And again

– Choosing what image to serve in PHP on the server

Related: Opacity in CSS, being able to see through DIVS – CSS Transparency for IE, CSS Opacity

Alpha channel PNGs in IE