The Curious Incident of Saving a Word document to MOSS in the night-time…

Well, okay, night-time has little to do with it.

When I try to save aWord document, I get shown the ‘Save As’ dialog.

Word Save As dialog

On it there is the ‘Favorite’ panel (UK English clearly doesn’t apply) and the option of ‘My SharePoint Sites’. Great! Wrong! If I click on the the ‘My Site’ shortcut, it changes the name of my document (‘fixer.docx’ in this case’), and if I double click, it tries to save the document as a file called .docx. The error I then get it ‘Word did not save the document.http://moss:4000/personal/burnsaw/.docx’.

Well, I can see why the error in saving, but huh? What happened to the file name? It wasn’t even the wrong file name of ‘My Site’ – there was no file name at all!

Step two was to repeat, but try using the Word’s ‘Publish > Document Management System’, but got the same result.

Step three was to open up a new document from the library, and try saving back. This highlighted another problem we’ve got – users getting prompted for network credentials when opening a document from SharePoint (this doesn’t happen every time, just the first time each user session). That accepted, it worked and opened a Word document. I typed some text, and did a ‘Save As’. I was shown this dialog:

Word Save As for SharePoint dialog

Hmm. That’s more promising, and it does save to that library correctly. So what do I notice? Well, the address bar is quite different, which is unsurprising as the top one is looking at a folder of local shortcuts. But the URL it’s pointing to is correct.

I don’t know what is going on here, but it has that irritating WebDav feel to it.

The Curious Incident of Saving a Word document to MOSS in the night-time…