Sitecore making requests to

So, in my recent work on Application Insights I noticed that I was seeing quite a lot of failed outbound requests to .

I know that Sitecore “phones home”, and I suspect that this is being blocked by our firewall (and this is why it is being logged as a failed dependency). However, I couldn’t fine out any information about, or what information is being send.

Well, I raised this with Sitecore support; it is Sitecore’s “Consumption Tracking” service, and they gave some links:

They also mentioned that you can get a “no-track” license, but we’d have to contact our account manager.

Therefore, I see 3 options:

  1. Get a no-track license.
  2. Reconfigure the firewall.
  3. Filter out the failed dependency so it doesn’t keep logging to App Insights (and then pretend it isn’t there).

I prefer option 2 – letting the traffic out, personally.

Sitecore making requests to

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