Minifying JS – Skip removing line numbers?

I’m a big fan of App Insights, and I’m loving it’s increasing integration with Visual Studio. To me, it’s just great.

However, I did find myself laughing a bit at this. App Insights was recording JavaScript errors from a (third party’s) .JS file.


This is showing an error on Line 93. The thing is, the file has been minified – and all the code in the file is on line 93.

Hmm. All this would save is a couple of hundred bytes over the wire. I’m just not sure it’s worth it for most of the projects I work on. I think having the new-lines still in (albeit otherwise minified).

To be honest, we’d save more space by stripping out the 92 lines of Licensing information above the code. I’m not sure that that shouldn’t reside in a text file, and just have a comment referencing the licence information.

Minifying JS – Skip removing line numbers?

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