Website Bandwidth Usage

Off topic a little for SharePoint, but we all know the value of a Content Delivery Network (CDN), right? In particular, using services that host commonly used files, like jQuery.js, etc.? This has the advantage that other sites that use that CDN may have already cached that file in your visitor’s browser, but it also reduces the bandwidth used by your site.

Well, I found that my site was spending a lot of bandwidth serving jQuery.


Yup, 10% of my site’s bandwidth was being spent on… serving jQuery. That’s not efficient, so I found this post, which describes how to make the site use a CDN instead. Note that the functions.php file it mentions is the one in your theme.

Hopefully, that’ll reduce the bandwidth used. I also changed the css files for the theme, by minimising them; that should save another 200Mb per month. In total, that should be about a 12% saving on bandwidth.

It’s funny how this all mounts up!

Website Bandwidth Usage

2 thoughts on “Website Bandwidth Usage

    1. Hi Alex, and yes, and I am now using the Google CDN (check out the page source). I’m a big fan of using cdns; I’ve been doing this long enough that I remember when the jQuery file, even minimised, would be bigger than an acceptable total page size, so getting that kind of thing in the browser cache is just total WIN!

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