2 thoughts on “Get the text out of a Managed Metadata Search Property

  1. Mike says:

    I tried this function with the following data and it failed to work. Has the format changed or can you suggest the problem?

    GP0|#272b765a-abb4-4dd7-b4a8-ff06ebb00f76\n\nL0|#0272b765a-abb4-4dd7-b4a8-ff06ebb00f76|Chipping Sodbury\n\nGTSet|#b49f64b3-4722-4336-9a5c-56c326b344d4

  2. Well the \n\n seems surprising; I don’t remember there being new lines in the text.

    Ah, my code may have lost a \n somewhere in translation. In the Regex on line 7, maybe?

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