Clearing the CA0068 Error in Code Analysis

This error was appearing in the code analysis for one of my SharePoint projects. It reads:

Warning 1 CA0068 : Debug information could not be found for target assembly ‘Something.exe’. For best analysis results, include the .pdb file with debug information for ‘Something.exe’ in the same directory as the target assembly.

Annoyingly, it didn’t seem to allow you to suppress it, and I was doing a Release build – so I didn’t expect to have a .pdb file.

So, how to get rid of it? Step 1 – RTFM:

Make sure that Debug info is either set to full for debug builds or to pdb-only for release builds. It should not be set to none.

Excellent – but where is the setting? Well, in my project this seemed well hidden, but was actually under the ‘Advanced…’ button:

Apparently, the location of those settings can move, depending on project type.

Clearing the CA0068 Error in Code Analysis

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