New Web Application returns HTTP 503

For some reason a new web application on my development VM always returns a 503 Service Unavailable when you go to it.

It turns out that this is due to the app pool supporting 32 bit applications! Change the setting in IIS (App Pool > Advanced Settings > Enable 32 Bit applications should be false)

New Web Application returns HTTP 503

4 thoughts on “New Web Application returns HTTP 503

  1. Naveenkumar T says:

    Thanks a lot for this post…this is really useful to me with a recent issue i came across..thanks a lot again..!! But i have a question on my mind, if we install a 64-bit application in our server, then the existing/working app pools stopped that correct or not..?

      1. Naveenkumar T says:

        I have a installed Captiva application in my Sharepoint server. Suddenly my app pool stopped working and my SharePoint sites also. It was giving Http 503 error. Then after a long search in web, i made “Enable 32 Bit applications” from true to false. That turns my app pool & SharePoint sites working properly..thats what i asked..if i install any 64-bit application in our SharePoint server..will it affect other SharePoint sites or not..

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