SharePoint 2010 Certifications

A bit of a glory post, but I’m now SharePoint 2010 Certified:

Regarding the certifications, I was, to be honest, a little disappointed. I felt that the 2010 exams were actually easier than the 2007 ones. I suspect that this is due to the significant expansion of ways of developing with SharePoint 2010; the exams did feel like they were ‘shallow but wide’ rather than ‘focused but deep’. Certainly it seems like a big jump from this to Certified Master.

I do like the new two tier certification structure (Technical Specialist, then Professional developer), and the streaming into Admin/configuration and Development makes sense too. I just wonder if there needs to be further breakdown in these aspects, perhaps so a greater depth of knowledge can be tested.

Still, I’m offically not a total muppet.

SharePoint 2010 Certifications

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