Calculated Columns showing URLs

I keep forgetting how I did this and having to dig into old demo VMs – you can display hyperlinks via calculated columns:

Calculated URLs to Search Results page

Yup, the AnimalName column is calculated, and consists of a URL and a search term which is the item’s title:

Calculated Column Configuration

Although it doesn’t show it, [ID] is also a valid column to insert.

Sadly, I’ve not figured out how to display a ‘pretty’ calculated column yet – for example one that just showed ‘Click me‘ rather than the full URL. Still, I thought that having a link to search was interesting. And naturally, if you use the DataView web part then setting up the link with a ‘pretty’ link is trivial.

Calculated Columns showing URLs

5 thoughts on “Calculated Columns showing URLs

  1. @Patrick you’re welcome to contact me if you have any issue with my method.

    @Andy yes, the method mentioned by Patrick will provide “pretty links”. btw my blog has many other posts with pretty calculated columns 🙂

  2. it works half good to us….
    if the title = hello sharepoint world
    my url is rendering like = http:/ collins

    where the hyper link is enabled only till michael
    and collins is looking like a plain text

  3. Letty says:

    Thanks for helping me figure this out!


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