WSS Practice: Attach files to ListItems

Similar to uploading a file, how would we attach a file to an SPListItem? This is slightly different, as a listitem may have more than one attachment….

Well, my code is:

byte[] bytes = File.ReadAllBytes(@"c:somefile.txt");
myListItem.Attachments.AddNow("somefile.txt", bytes);

Yup, not quite the same. I guess it’s ‘cos for Document Libraries, the document is the item, whereas for normal lists, the items may have zero or more documents attached.

Actually, I must try attaching a file to a Document item. I wonder if you can do that?

Edit: Nope, you can’t. Attachments are disabled, and if you try and enable them you get the SPExceptionAttachments are not allowed for Document Libraries and Surveys“. Which is fair enough.

WSS Practice: Attach files to ListItems

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