Automatic incrementing IDs

Neat tip from the SharePoint UK User Group (and thank you Dave Hunter) – if you want an automatic, incrementing column on a list…

Create a new calculated column, with =TEXT(ID,”000000″) as the formula and return data type a single line of text. It will give you 000001.

Neat. I didn’t know that ID was a valid command in a calculated column.

Automatic incrementing IDs

4 thoughts on “Automatic incrementing IDs

  1. Chris says:

    All SharePoint lists already have an auto-incrementing column… “ID”. You can show it on your list by simply editing the default list view and selecting the ID column.

    In your example above, you are just creating a calculated column to show the value of the ID column, ID is not a function.


  2. Ah, d’oh, of course. Yeah, that’s pretty obvious, so naturally I didn’t see it.

    Actually, though, the thing that would put some of our customers off is the format of the number – so using the TEXT function is probably the bit I need to remember. I wonder if I could make it do letters too…


  3. Walt says:

    I have used the ID in the past. Have not been able to get the calculated function to work. Keeps coming back as 0000000.

    I think when SP is saving the item the ID is blank(or 0) so the caclulation uses that value. The ID is calculate afterward, at least in my experience.


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