Setting up your content types and templates…

I received a good link in one of the comments on the blog, and I thought I’d bump this up – Sensible Document and Template Management.

I’m with Mads on this – to me the killer feature of SharePoint is how it works with Offices, and template functionality is key in that. Demos of document properties, quick parts and then the list columns in Sharepoint have a very high wow-factor (rightly so – I think it’s pretty neat too!)

However, templates are something rarely used in my experience, or not use properly anyway. Often it’s seen as an unnecessary effort, and usually everyone just starts creating their own documents from blank, or deleteing the contents from an existing document and using that one, or copying and pasting across – none of which are pretty scenarios.

Then again, often the guys actually making these templates need a good course of ‘How to use Word’. No so much with Excel – I think that people accept you need a bit of training to use it – but Word seems to be an issue.

Anyway, the point is, do try and plan building templates into your project. And that there is probably a consultancy opportunity in trying to generate these…

Setting up your content types and templates…

2 thoughts on “Setting up your content types and templates…

  1. Yup, that’s a pretty good summary. I would observe that the ‘Workflow’ aspects usually open a Pandora’s box of:
    – Customer not knowing their own processes
    – What the customer actually does is different to what they do
    – Management and stakeholders view of their processes are often highly simplified…
    – …but they don’t want to pay for the more complex processes they need.

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