SharePoint throws unhandled exceptions by design

So, I was doing some testing of some branding, and I took a look at the Survey list. I tried filling out a survey and was shocked by a yellow screen of death:

This was because I’d set SharePoint up for debugging during development. The SharePoint error page appears:

Well, the error is right – I was trying to fill in the survey twice. But it’s not like this is an unexpected error – it certainly shouldn’t be an unhandled exception!

What are the problems with this? Well, it kicks us out of the branding experience I’ve built, which is annoying. It doesn’t allow the user to navigate anywhere. And, dammit, it’s just bad practice! I mean, do these errors appear in the logs?

Don’t get me wrong, no code is perfect and exceptions will happen. That’s fine. But who the hell thought unhandled exceptions was a good bit of deliberate functionality?

Anyone else found other deliberately unhandled exceptions?

SharePoint throws unhandled exceptions by design

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