Content Roll-up options Part I – Introduction

Well, I’ve been asked to examine some of the options for doing content roll-up in SharePoint. I thought I’d present this as a bit of a mini-series, rather than one huge post.

What is content roll-up? Simply, it’s about pulling data from different locations in SharePoint into a single view, and presenting it to the user in a consolidated form. This is a pretty common task in SharePoint. For example, think of things like roll-up of News items from the sites in your site collection. That’s actually built into the Collaboration site template:

News Items - and example of content roll up

I’ve bracketed both the web parts being used with red and blue – otherwise it’s not clear that there are two web parts doing content roll-up here – one for the most recent headline, and another to show a list of recent News items.

There are lots of other examples of where this is useful – consolidation of tasks for a user is another common requirement, or rolling-up all the documents of one type or another – such as expenses, etc..

Anyway, over the next week or so I’ll examine some of the solutions to content roll-up that I’ve seen. It’s not meant to be an exhaustive list – there are quite a lot of solutions to content roll-up around, and you can write your own – but why reinvent the wheel?

| Introduction | Content Query Web Part | Data View Web Part |

| Lightning Conductor Web Part | Bamboo’s List Roll-Up Web Part | Conclusions |

Content Roll-up options Part I – Introduction

2 thoughts on “Content Roll-up options Part I – Introduction

  1. Paul says:

    I need a rollup task list. I was looking for some 3rd party webparts but none of them search across multiple site collections. The problem is I have one site collection for team sites, one for project sites and one for mysites. I want the webpart to show up on the mysite and it list all tasks assigned to the logged in user that spam across all 3 site collections. Is this possible??

  2. Hi Paul,

    Sorry about the delay, I was on holiday!

    Yes, either the Bamboo or Lightning Conductor solutions will do that.

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