Stupid Visual Studio 2005 MSDN DVD

A note for myself. The MSDN DVD for April 2007 (Disc 3070.1) with Visual Studio 2005 on it can’t be installed directly from the DVD. The installer asks you to ‘Install Disk 1’, which is unfortunate, as there is no disc 1, and the DVD contains both CDs in different directories on it.

The solution is to copy both CDs to a single directory on the hard disc of the machine, and run the installer from there.

Unfortunately, for some reason my virtual machine won’t let me do that directly – it complains about copying one of the files from the DVD – but I can share a folder on the host, and copy the installation files into the VM via that folder.

Once you’ve copied the files on, though, the ‘pre-filled’ licence key isn’t there anymore. You can get the key by starting installing from the DVD, writing it down, and then using it when you install from the hard disc.

It’s crazy the work-arounds you have to go through sometimes 😦

Stupid Visual Studio 2005 MSDN DVD

One thought on “Stupid Visual Studio 2005 MSDN DVD

  1. lokesh sharma says:

    Hi andy.
    You just do one thing.
    copy all things in some folder
    disable the DVD Rom Drive. and then start setup
    it will not ask the disk 1..

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