Not impressed with WordPress 2.5

I’ve just upgraded to WordPress 2.5 – my blog was complaining that I should upgrade – and it feels rather like a downgrade.

I can deal with the fact that the Admin UI isn’t as good as it was – although the Dashboard has improved – but authoring posts has got worse:

  • Uploading an image – didn’t work out of the box. I had to install a plugin to make that work. Now it reports that the upload failed, though it succeeded.
  • Image thumbnailing is not as good – my thumbnails keep getting their left and right edges cut off.
  • Creating links in the WYSIWYG text editor just shows me a blank box – I have to switch to edit HTML view and put them in there.

Come on chaps, this isn’t release ready – you shouldn’t have been advising users to upgrade yet. Everyone, steer clear until these issues are fixed. Perhaps it would be a lot easier to not use Flash, eh?

Not impressed with WordPress 2.5

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