Site Definitions vs Site Templates

I have some curious blanks in my memory when dealing with SharePoint, such as the meaning ‘ghosted’ and ‘unghosted’ – please use ‘customized’ or ‘uncustomized’. (I don’t see where the undead enter into it all). One such blank is Site Templates vs Site Definitions. It’s discussed a bit on MSDN (for 2003, but the same applies for 2007) where the bottom section is most useful, and Robert Bogue has written a very good article. The short of it:

Site Templates Site Definitions
+ Simple to create – Requires actual development
+ Doesn’t require administrator – Requires administrator
– Risk of customization, and so worse performance + Better performance
– Can’t define list templates + Deep and full control

Must have a go at doing some of this sometime

Site Definitions vs Site Templates

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