I'm now a 'Professional Developer'


Presumably, everything I’ve written over the last 7 years has been amateur (well, some of it was, certainly). This is in addition to my being…


To be honest, I still feel I’m being firehosed with information about Microsoft stuff, and that I’m struggling to keep up. But I guess that the point of such certifications is that they demonstrate a level of ‘minimum competance’ – that is, the holder still might be “Good” rather than “Brilliant”, but at least you can be fairly sure that they aren’t “Completely Inept”.

Anyway, I learnt a lot doing the Professional Developer exam – or rather, reading the course materials. The exam itself, well, I felt that some of the questions were a bit too technical, while the book seemed to cover a higher level view of the system (at least, in it’s good bits). See my comments on the book I used.

I'm now a 'Professional Developer'

3 thoughts on “I'm now a 'Professional Developer'

  1. You know, you are now by far the most qualified person I know. I wonder if there is some strange parallel universe that I’m stuck in, where there is an inverse relationship between experience and learning ?

    At the moment, I definitely think I have very little “learned” knowledge, but a whole ton of war stories.

    I guess learning how things should have been built from the start avoids a lot of the scope for war stories, doesn’t it – but then you might find that the way you’re *supposed* to do something is actually a real pain in the ass…

  2. lokesh sharma says:

    hey i also want to be certified professional in sharepoint..
    how can i?
    just give me some information regarding this.

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