Don't put your Record Center in a Collaboration Site Collection

Don’t be lazy like me. I put my Records Center in a collaboration site collection, ‘cos I was lazy and didn’t want to set up navigation links, etc., between site collections.

Unfortunately, I found that when I then tried to submit documents to the records center, I kept getting the error “Records Center Records Center is not properly configured for this request” (Note: my records center is called Records Center).

“Weird”, I thought. The URL to the web service used for submitting files was correct. The records center itself seemed to work correctly. SharePoint Logs and Windows Event logs showed the same error about not being properly configured, but that was all. I couldn’t see anything wrong with it.

So in the end I got hacked off, and just recreated my records center in its own site collection (as you’d problably want it, to be honest). And Bingo! It worked!

So kids, Don’t be lazy – put your Record Center in its own site collection.

Comments from my old blog:

Yup, I’ve found other people have had the same issue – and have done the same thing – use a separate site collection.

By Andy at 16:47:42 Tuesday 13th November 2007

Don't put your Record Center in a Collaboration Site Collection

4 thoughts on “Don't put your Record Center in a Collaboration Site Collection

  1. Jon B says:

    Sorry to be raising the dead, but doesnt putting the Record Center in a different Site Collection mean you cant use the same Content Types as they are only ‘referenced’ in the original Site Collection.. or am I missing something!

  2. Yup, you’re right – but you might not want to.

    If I remember correctly, your Record Center doesn’t really need to know the exact definition of the Content Type. All it usually needs is the Content Type’s name (for record routing). The rest of the metadata gets saved as an XML file.

    Again, if I remember correctly, I think you *can* have columns matching your original content types – so displaying that data – but you don’t *have* to.

    In that case, yes, you’ve got the question of having the content types available. In 2007, this leaves two options. First, yes, put the Record Center in the same Site collection as everything else. However, a single site collection has lots of size limits, and multiple site collections have lots of advantages (security boundaries, backup, etc..), so I don’t like that as a solution.

    Your second option would be to package up your content type in a feature and activate it in both your content and repository site collections, thus providing the same content type in both locations.

    Yeah, that sucks a bit – I’m hoping this is one of the things solved by SP2010

  3. Julie says:

    When you created your Record Center in its own site collection, were you able to apply custom branding to it? I don’t seem to have the Style Library or the Look and Feel Master Page options in the Record Center site collection. I have it for all the other site collections I have created that are based on a Team Site template with publishing features enabled. Can you help?

  4. You can use the Content Synidcation Hub to share your Custom Content Type across your 2010 instance so that the Records Center still recognizes the CustomContent Type that your home site collection used before it sent the file to the Records Center. And you can also use custom branding across the entire farm as well. We do here. We have a template that is applied to all sites, including the Records Center. It is uploaded to the Gallery, and then applied as part of the master page, but that is handled by another person, I am just the Records Center/Document Center/SyndicationHub/TermStore person. 🙂

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