The stupidity of Search boxes when branding SharePoint

Okay, so I just made an interesting discovery. In the master pages on SharePoint there is a content placeholder called PlaceHolderTitleBreadcrumb. A slightly odd name – I’m not sure it should have ‘title’ in it, as that seems to make assumptions about how you’re going to use it – but in fairness, it is a placeholder for breadcrumbs. Great!

Except if you go the search page. Then, the search box is shown in the breadcrumb placeholder. WTF! Who the hell designed that? I mean, what idiot decided to put a large control, with LOTS of padding (discussed wonderfully by Heather Solomon).

Speaking of padding – that padding is hard coded into the control. It is fucking CSS, but they put it into the control. Nobody would ever want to get rid of that 50px padding above this control, right? Nobody would have designed space for the nice little breadcrumbs only to be caught out when the stonking search control sticks it’s flabby ass there, right?

Wrong. I’ve been caught, and I’m not the only one. As Tom says, the solution isn’t complicated – but I shouldn’t have to solve it. He’s right when he discusses the ‘contract’ of the master page. This design bug is just wrong.

And I don’t believe that I should have to write my own delegate controls all the time ‘cos someone was too lazy to write theirs in a generic way. I mean, this is supposed to be the office platform. Don’t hardcode styles into your delegate controls, don’t assume your control will be in a table row, and, in fact, could we stop using tables so we might make an accessible system? It’s kind of important in many countries…

The stupidity of Search boxes when branding SharePoint

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