Make sure you use the .ms-bodyareaframe style in your Master Pages

So, I’ve just discovered something interesting. In SharePoint, some content should fill the whole of the content area of the master pages; others should have a margin. For example, viewing a document library fills the content section, but Wiki pages need a margin. This is achieved by the ms-bodyareaframe style in the master page, which supplies the padding for the content that is contains.

Ah, but how does the content that doesn’t need a margin get displayed? Well, it supplies an override to ms-bodyareaframe to set the padding to zero – and that is why you should make sure you use the ms-bodyareaframe style!

I found this when working off Heather Solomon’s Minimal Master pages, which don’t include this style.

Make sure you use the .ms-bodyareaframe style in your Master Pages

2 thoughts on “Make sure you use the .ms-bodyareaframe style in your Master Pages

  1. Hi Andy,

    A Google search brought me to your website (this post in particular) and I’m hoping you could help me out.

    I’m building a website for a local dog breeder (my services in exchange for a dog). Most of my experience is in content production and a little bit of my experience is in WordPress and Dreamweaver, so please forgive me if my questions seem excruciatingly basic/don’t make any sense at all.

    The breeder uses SharePoint Designer 2003. I only own a Mac, so unless I download Windows I can’t build the site in SharePoint Designer. Instead, I’m using Dreamweaver. When it’s time to upload my Dreamweaver-written HTML files to his SharePoint software, will all the code function the same way it does in Dreamweaver (WYSIWYG, any Javascript I use, etc.)?

    What do you think of this process — using Dreamweaver to write code for a breeder who uses SharePoint Designer 2003 to update his site? He doesn’t want to learn any new software, not even the most up-to-date version of SharePoint.

    If you could offer any insight, I would greatly appreciate it.


    1. Sorry about the long delay in my replying. Are you sure you don’t mean ‘Frontpage 2003’? There isn’t a ‘SharePoint Designer 2003’. There is a SharePoint 2003, which is a collaboration portal server, or SharePoint Designer 2007/2010/2013 (which works with machine versions of the server product). I would be surprised if a local dog breeder was using SharePoint – it’s more a product for large corporates. I’d have thought something like WordPress would be much more appropriate.

      If they are using SharePoint, well, I doubt that process is going to work. There are a number of quite technical things that you need to consider, and to be honest, I’m not entirely clear on all of them – I’ve only been working with SharePoint for 7 years – I never really touched 2003.

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