Georeplication in SharePoint

More for my benefit than anyone else, but there is blog post on Joris Poelman’s (JOPX) blog about georeplication in SharePoint. The crux of it is, SharePoint 2007 doesn’t really do it. But you could implement your own using the Content Migration APIs – which Stefan Gossner goes into in parts 1,2,3,4.

However, if you are considering a system using georeplication, please remember you must have enough bandwidth. If your network can’t handle the traffic needed over it already, before adding georeplication, then you are buggered. Georeplication might reduce cross site traffic, but you still need the bandwidth to actually do the replication. And you’ll have to be able to live with slow replication. And, as mentioned above (and by Joris), it is a significant development exercise.

I’m sure someone will do it though. And I’m confident that Microsoft will do it for a future version of SharePoint. It’s too powerful a feature to not have in an enterprise app.

Georeplication in SharePoint

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