Developer Day 4

So, I went to Developer Day 4, and it was very good. I’m now looking forward to WebDD. So, what of the talks at this one…

I went to Ben Lamb’s “How to write crap code in C#”. It was pretty simple, but showed just what you can do to compromise performance. Actually, the biggest message I got from it was that it’s worth testing some of the standard ‘performance tips’ – which was funny as I did that just last week.

The other notable talk was “Securing ASP .NET Websites” by Barry Doran. Apart from it being nice to listen to someone with a proper accent, it was a good high level view of the decisions that you have to make when building a website like that. Some of it was new, some of it was old hat, and it was nice to see the reasoning too. He’s a characterful speaker too.

Also, the talk “Securing Web Services using WS-*” by Chris Seary was a good ‘un – finally, I have an answer to the question “Why Bother? Why not SSL or IPSec”. Nice to have a bit of a higher level view explained

In addition, I went to one about “Using and Abusing Reflection” – which seemed a bit too specialised to be of use generally – and making fun of the Irish isn’t a great laugh. Our HR manager would have me warned if I ever did something like that – and quite right too.

Finally, there was the “Technet Highlights” talk, which was great fun, but pretty content free. It did say it wouldn’t be techy. I guess I’d just wanted to hear more of what the buzz was in Barcelona, what things are hot and what’s not (and what the stylish developer will be coding in this season). Still, they were generous with the swag – I’m not sure who they mugged to get all that.

The conclusion – I’ll be going to the next one (unless I’m promoted into management and never touch code again (Not likely))

Comments from my old blog:

Thanks for swelling my ego; I’m glad you enjoyed it and found it useful.

By Barry Dorrans at 21:09:42 Monday 4th December 2006

Developer Day 4

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