The frustration of Parallel activities

So, I came across an interesting situation.

I have be told to look at trying to build the workflow I’ve been working on (a state machine workflow) as a sequential workflow.

In this workflow, I need to run two parallel tasks. On one side, I wait for a task to be completed, and on the other, I want to have a delay step followed by an email activity, to send the reminder email after a delay.

The problem is, the ParallelActivity step will only complete when BOTH branches have completed. I can’t stop the branch with the email. In other words, the user finishes their work on the step, but the workflow won’t continue until the reminder email sent!

Equally, if the delay step was some sort of escalation process (rather than an email, it wouldn’t be able to escalate until the user had finished with the step!

There has to be a way around this, I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong though.

Comments from my old blog:


you have to use an Listen activity, probably inside a while activity.

Note: the createTask activity you have to put outside the while.

By Sandro Pereira at 10:54:19 Monday 11th December 2006

Yup, I realised I was being a bit slow – and that an event listener activity could have multiple branches, and completes when any of the events is done. I don’t think I’d need a while loop, though.

I was just using the wrong activity type.

By Andy B at 15:32:23 Monday 11th December 2006

The frustration of Parallel activities

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