Configuration Information for Workflows

In the workflow I’m working on, some xPaths. I don’t want to hard code them, as this is the sort of crap that always changes. However, I’m not sure where a good place to store such properties would be. I’d figured the workflow.xml file, or even features.xml, but I didn’t find information about doing this. All it’d need is a series of properties and values, but neither seems to do that.

I guess I could write an association form – but given that this workflow will only be used on one list, and that the settings shouldn’t change very often, this would be like using an anti-aircraft gun to kill a mosquito.

It is really frustrating to have simple tasks, no documentation, and no answers. I mean, come on guys, all I want to know is the right way to install a config data, and access it.

Configuration Information for Workflows

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