Ubuntu – WOW!

So, on a whim I decided to have a bit of a look at Ubuntu Linux. Boy did I get a surprise

Previously when I’ve had a look at linux distros, I’ve had some problems. My home PC is a fairly antique laptop, with AMD powersaving built in, and an even older PCMCIA wireless network card. What that meant in the past was 1)No wireless network, and 2) a blisteringly hot CPU as it didn’t throttle back when there was nothing going on. That made Mandrake Linux, for me, interesting but not usable.

Ubuntu – well, it picked up the wireless quite happily. I’m writing this on it. And the CPU is running cool – it is truly excellent. I downloaded the ‘live’ CD (bootable CD that loads Ubuntu), and it was painless.

Very Impressed. I shall be making my machine dual boot – there are some applications I don’t want to do without – but this is a VERY usable system. And who’d have thought that a faintly brown colour could look so good – why is Windows so grey?

Anyway, it gives me pause for thought – Sharepoint and all those things I’m being trained up in aside, what does Windows give me that Ubuntu doesn’t? Open office gives me a word processor. I can browse the web. I have email. Yup, it’s a no brainer – as a home user, I’m a convert. I’ll keep using Windows for now – like I say, I have a number of applications I just don’t want to leave yet – but long term, I think I’ll move away. ‘Course I’m stuck with it for work – that’s their problem.

Anyway, Ubuntu – good enough for a

Comments from my old blog:

You know you’re really making me think about it too – I have an old laptop at home that *might* work too.

By Jonathan at 16:48:32 Thursday 11th May 2006

Ubuntu – WOW!

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