Microsoft Stuff

So, lately at work we’ve started dealing more with Microsoft products, so I sort of think I should blog about them, if only to remind myself of the things I’ve discovered – like yesterday and my efforts with Sharepoint. Anyway, that’s for another posting.

It sort of goes against the grain to talk about Microsoft stuff, but some of the things I’ve been working with lately – Sharepoint, Biztalk, Content Management Server – are actually pretty good. Okay, so they tie you to MS SQL-Server, IIS, IE, Visual Studio (uck), Windows, Office, and the kitchen sink, but in terms of what they give users, they’re neat products actually. Sharepoint – well, it’s not a master of anything, but it’s pretty good at many things. CMS, well, it did what it said on the tin. Biztalk – silly name, but a good idea.

If they could just unbundle the browser, web server, database and IDE, that’d be great.

Microsoft Stuff

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