Progess on Ruby Chinese Chess site

So, I’ve been a bit busy with things, so I don’t have any of my usual interesting links to post. I’ve been getting stuff done with the Rails Xiangqi site that I’m building (Chinese chess to the rest of us). Nothing radical, just plugging away.

My biggest complaint with Rails so far is a lack of books and documentation. I mean, the API docs are pretty good, but I’d like to see more example, more tutorials, and a structured thing like a book would be wonderful.

So, what have I learnt? Well, I’ve used routes.rb to set up the default page for the site. You can also ditch that index.html file from public in your application too. I think I’ve figured out how change passwords in the security thing, which is a bit involved, so sometime I’ll post the code.

Partials – annoyingly – don’t have a ‘general’ folder. You can create one, but you have to specify it each time you call a partial. That sucks a bit.

I built a lot of the user admin stuff – login, signup, etc.. It was made very easy by the Login Generator. Updating users and stuff – well, that was only a slight change to the normal scaffold. The big change was updating the password – but even that wasn’t too bad.

All in all, still impressed by how much you can get done in a short time with Rails.

One thing I’d like to figure out is how to do a persistent Login cookie for Rails. I don’t mind having my session deleted, but having authenticated that user, I’d like to not have to do it again the next time they visit the site.

Progess on Ruby Chinese Chess site

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