Played with Rico…

I had a play with Rico then. Pretty good, generally. Some neat effects, and I like the way they do rounded corners – clever. Doesn’t work too well with boxes that have outlines, but hey! Can’t have everything.

Also, I found a bug in the way their Drag and Drop functionality works. If you click a node in the DOM beneath the node that is draggable, you get a Javascript error. I emailed them with a fix for that.

My only complaint about this Library – I’d prefer to have it as a selection of different Libraries. It seems a shame to have to lump them all together for some small bits of user interface. For example, I’d be willing to have Drag and Drop that doesn’t neatly ‘slide’ back to it’s original position if not dropped on a Drop Zone. Having that in the UI means including LOTS of extra code. I pulled the Drag and Drop code out into a seperate file – I’ll publish it and the fix at some point soon.

Played with Rico…

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