Working on Web UI Components

So, this whole ‘Ajax’ thing set me thinking – why not try to make all ‘normal’ user interface components – date, numeric, combo boxes, autosuggestion boxes, image rollovers, menus, tooltips, etc. – why not make them all into libraries that you can include in a page, and then configure through the attributes of a node. E.g.
<input name='someDate' type='text' value='' subtype='date'

Then the .js file you include reads inputs, finds dates, and add the functionality you need.

I’ve already done this for combo boxes – I’ll put it on my site soon – and so I started looking into menus, and found some neat things:

I didn’t know you could do so much with CSS. Clearly, it has come along since I last really got stuck into it!

Working on Web UI Components

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