Thoughts on Coding

When writing web applications, ultimately, you probably want to look at performing load testing. This is most easily done by an application, running a script, and pretending to be a number of users.

Of course, if you’re doing something like, say, creating nodes in some sort of a hierarchy (think messages, or files/folders), then you might need to do some stuff before performing other operations – like see if your node was created, get its ID, that sort of thing.

So here’s my thought – make that easy. Put things like ‘New Node ID = ‘ into HTML comments near the top of the page. That way, it should be possible to find and read them with many of these tools.

At the moment, we’re using OpenSTA, which works. That’s about the best that can be said for it. I like the look of Webload but it’s probably too expensive.

Thoughts on Coding

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